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March 7th, 2012, 11:03:29 admin

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Raspberry Ketone Facts


Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss

Fat Burning Rasperry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone is a compound found in raspberries that is primarily used as an aromatic in perfumes, cosmetics, and a food additive to primarily focus on a fruity odor. The compound is one of the most expensive natural flavors used in the food industry, and price can range up to $20,000 per kilogram.

It takes around 90 pounds of raspberries to produce an abundant amount of raspberry ketone. This process can be a very difficult one given that low abundance and efficiency of extracting this compound. Many companies have began to synthesize the process and create artificial raspberry ketone which has the same effect of the natural substance. In 1965, the FDA approved raspberry ketone as being Generally Recognized As Safe or (GRAS).

Raspberry Ketone has also noticed that when given in high doses, it has prevented high fat from dieting to stick on your body. This is said to be because of the alteration of lipid metabolism which will increase norepinephrine induced lypolysis. In short it forces your body to literally get rid of excess fat and helps you to maintain a low fat rate in your body and diet.

Where To Find Raspberry Ketone


You can find raspberry ketone at your local supplement store, although due to the increased demand for it, many are sold out until late spring. Also most of the products that you find at the local store will not have the recommended dosage in order to promote substantial weight loss. There are currently two products that we are aware of that have over 100mg of RK, which is the proper amount to accomplish this fat melting effect. These two products are:

Both of these offer a very high amount of the fat incinerating compound that will help you reach the results you are trying to get from taking raspberry ketone.

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Raspberry Ketone

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