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Raspberry Ketone Blog Raspberry Ketone Mania!

March 3rd, 2012, 12:03:16 admin

R.D.K holdings S.A

Over the past few weeks Raspberry Ketone Mania has hit the USA.

Raspberry Ketone Mania!

Ever since Dr. Oz aired his “Miracle Fat Burner” episode people have been going crazy for Raspberry Ketone.  Many supplement stores across the USA have literally sold out of these products and will not be getting in shipments for the next few weeks.  So now that they can not get them at the store, these buyers hit the internet.  In as little as 48 hours massive manufacturers of this product showed well over 100,000 visitors coming to their websites and buying this product. And what followed next was not unexpected.


Literally over night there was over 20 new manufacturers of Raspberry Ketone weight loss pills, each one of them trying to get there share of the market.  Much like the African Mango craze that Dr. Oz started 2 years ago, this is the one for 2012.  Beware of these fly by night operations though, because many of them have ordered this product from China and have added extra blends that will make their pill different.  These blends have not been tested, and the raspberry ketone side effects are unknown for these.  Raspberry Ketone is an FDA approved supplement.  One of the only supplements approved by them for weight loss.


Here is what we recommend:

  1. Never order from a website that does not have secured check out
  2. Never order a product that you can not read the ingredients label for
  3. Actually read the ingredients label to see what extras were added
  4. Research those added ingredients
  5. Make sure that you do not get scammed into an auto ship program; this is really big with a fly by night company
  6. Only order from a reputable website that has positive reviews about their return policies


Even though many companies are trying to take advantage of this boom, there are quite a few reputable companies out there that really do have an awesome product.

By clicking these links above you will be taken to there website.


These 2 companies are of the greatest quality. They offer amazing product and will surely help you to reach your weight loss goals when taken properly with diet and exercise.


I hope this information will be of use to, and stay tuned for more information on RASPBERRY KETONE!

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Candice Kurth
Hey there, my name is Candice Kurth. I am a fitness enthusiast who is looking for cutting edge products for weight loss.

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