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March 28th, 2012, 04:03:44 admin

R.D.K holdings S.A

Raspberry Ketone Dr. Oz-

Today the Dr. Oz show aired again that features raspberry ketone as a miracle fat burner.  For many of you that may have missed the show, Dr. Oz talked about raspberry ketone for quite some time and described some pretty interesting facts about it.

 Raspberry Ketone Dr. Oz-

A study done in the 90s proves that raspberry ketone works as a fat fighter.  They tested it by having lab rats on an extremely high fat driven diet.  The participants that did not take raspberry ketone extract increased there body mass by up to 35%, where as the ones that took raspberry ketone as a supplement in their diet did not record any weight gains.  This study shows you the power of raspberry ketone and why Dr. Oz is promoting it as one of his “Top 5 Miracle Fat Burners”.


When you use raspberry ketone as a supplement to your diet you will block fat build up in your body.  This also give you a great opportunity to lose the fat that is already deposited on your body, like in your thighs, buttock area, and lower abdomen.


If you choose to buy raspberry ketone do not be fooled by impostors or fakes.  Now that the hype is out for this magical supplement, many are trying to take advantage of the media craze by creating their own fly by night products that will not be beneficial to your weight loss goals.  Dr. Oz promotes the the fact that Raspberry Ketone can help you burn fat fast, but what Raspberry Ketone Brands does Dr. Oz recommend?Right now there are 3 companies that sell the highest quality Raspberry Ketone Supplement Brans that Dr. Oz recommends:

These 3 top notch suppliers not only provide you with the recommended dosages of raspberry ketone extract to lose fat, but also include other extracts to help catapult the results.  These ingredients include:

  • African Mango
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Cocoa Extract
  • L-Arginine
  •  Kelp
  • Apple Cider Vinagar
  • & Grapefruit Extract

All these combined together with raspberry ketone will most definitely help you reach your weight loss goals.


When taking these supplements it is important to not solely rely on them alone.  In order to properly lose the weight and keep it off you need to also incorporate diet and exercise to ensure that you can achieve life changing results.   Below you will find a brief example of some steps to take to help you gain better results:

Here are my tips for you:

– Start the morning with a good stretch, maybe light exercise
– Take Raspberry Ketone (RK) around 30 minutes before your breakfast
– Eat a healthy breakfast
– When you get to work, park farther away and get some walking in
– Take RK 30 minutes before lunch
– Instead of driving to lunch, maybe take the extra 15 minutes and walk
– Eat a healthy lunch
– When you get home have some down time, read a book, news, online searching etc..
– Take RK 30 minutes before dinner
– Eat a lite nutritious dinner

Wake Up and do it all again :)


If you start to live a healthy lifestyle there is no reason why raspberry ketone will not work.  To order raspberry ketone please visit one if these 3 manufacturers websites:

Also here is a great video put together by a health and fitness professional:

Here are some great resources regarding Raspberry Ketone.

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Candice Kurth
Hey there, my name is Candice Kurth. I am a fitness enthusiast who is looking for cutting edge products for weight loss.

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